Colleen Findlay Place is a multi-purpose facility with the goal of generating resources for outreach efforts towards youth. Space is provided to groups who participate in ongoing youth activities, and space is also rented to private groups, the proceeds of which are immediately directed back into youth programs across the Lower-Mainland.

Our Story

Colleen Findlay was the wife of Jim Findlay and the mother of three, Ross, Shayne, and Shannon, when she lost her life in her own home at the hands of 15 year old Jeremy Vojkovic. Her tragic death would have never happened if there had been someone to reach out to Jeremy, and hold him accountable for his actions in life. The impact of youth outreach can never be overstated, especially when confronted with such a worst case scenario. The Findlay Family operates Colleen Findlay Place in her memory in the effort to help youth develop and socialize in a welcoming atmosphere and provide them with a support structure for when their lives become tormented by inner or outer demons.


Our Aims:

-Trust in Faith to Your God

-Build Connections that Help Others

-Be Respectful and be Worthy of Respect Yourself